Seminario "Construyendo puentes entre la filosofía y la neurociencia"


 Sábado 8 de mayo de 2021

The Out-of-body Experience

Keynote speaker: Glenn Carruthers , Charles Sturt University, Australia.

“Confabulation or Experience? Implications of Out-of-Body Experiences for Theories of Consciousness”

Suggested reading: Confabulation or experience? Implications of out-of-body experiences for theories of consciousness

Abstract: Do these variations in reports of OBEs indicate individual variation in experience or are they post-hoc confabulations, stories told by subjects to themselves in an attempt to make sense of the core phenomenology? I argue that no existent or possible evidence would be sufficient to favour one hypothesis over the other. How such evidence is interpreted depends on prior commitments to one or other of these hypotheses or to a theory of consciousness that is not neutral as to these hypotheses.

Comments:  Alejandro Murillo (Universidad Agustiniana, Colombia)

Melanie Rosen (Trent University, Canada)


La sesión será el lunes 10 de mayo a las 7pm Buenos Aires.

La charla, comentarios y discusión va a ser en inglés. Te podés registrar acá:  Vas a recibir el link para unirnos un día antes del encuentro.