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Fake news and the Mind

FAKE NEWS AND THE MIND (Monday the 5th July, 2pm Buenos Aires)

Aude Bandini (Université de Montréal, Canada): Fake news or fake beliefs?

According to traditional epistemology, it is conceptually – if not psychologically – impossible to hold a belief while considering it to be likely false or even ill-grounded. This entails that for an agent to believe in some “fake news,” she must be under the impression that the latter is reliable and epistemically worthy. However, falling for fake news is arguably not the same as being honestly deceived by a lie or an illusion: more often than not, fake news are readily identifiable as such. Yet, they may prompt genuine beliefs, rather than mere "fake" ones nevertheless. This talk aims at dissolving this vexing paradox.

Ciara Greene (University College Dublin, Ireland): From Fake News to False Memories: Tracing the Consequences of Exposure to Misinformation

Research suggests that exposure to "fake news" can lead to false memories of the events described in the news stories, especially if they align with our existing personal or political beliefs. This talk will outline the effects of misinformation on memory, and describe recent evidence regarding potential consequences for behavior.

The talk, comments and discussion will be in English.