Diana Pérez


Director of the IIF-SADAF-CONICET. Professor (Full- Tenure) of Metaphysics at the Philosophy Department. Director of the graduate program "AI from an Humanistic Perspective", University of Buenos Aires. My main areas of research are metaphysics of the mind, philosophy of cognitive sciences and philosophy of art. I published three books: La mente como eslabón causal (1999) and Sentir, desear, creer (2013),  Social Cognition and the Second Person in Human Interaction (with A. Gomila, 2022), and also edited seven books. I published numerous papers on philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and philosophy of art. I gave talks and participate in conferences in Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, France, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. I was awarded with the 2003 Houssay Prize and the Diploma Konex (2006).